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    Stalled fertility declines linked to disruptions in women’s education in Africa

Katya Pérez-Guzman

- IIASA postdoc

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13 March 2019

Radical transformation is required to meet sustainable development

An IIASA scientist has contributed to a new Global Environment Outlook report that details how societies can meet goals to support a healthy planet and growing population, provided they embrace integrated strategies. More

11 March 2019

Hot or cold, rural residents more vulnerable to extreme temperatures

A study in China’s Zheijiang Province shows that people in China’s rural communities are more vulnerable to both hot and cold temperature extremes than people living in urban areas. More

27 February 2019

New measures show population aging likely to end this century

Policymakers have long been concerned about the effects of an aging population on society, but researchers at IIASA have developed a new tool that shows population aging will likely end by the middle of the century in high-income countries. More

27 February 2019

New report identifies critical investment needs for climate-friendly infrastructure

IIASA researchers contributed to a new World Bank report that provides a comprehensive estimate of spending needs for infrastructure goals in developing countries. It shows that smart investments could allow countries to achieve climate goals while simultaneously filling basic needs such as water and energy. More

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