A round-up of awards to IIASA staff members and researchers.


29 November 2018
IIASA researchers among top 1% of most highly cited scientists

Several IIASA researchers from the Air Quality and Greenhouse Gases Program, the Energy Program, the Ecosystems Services and Management Program, and the Water Program are among the world’s most highly cited scientists, according to a new list published by Clarivate Analytics.  More

27 November 2018
Best Paper Award for IIASA demographers

World population Program Director Wolfgang Lutz and Senior Researcher Jesus Crespo Cuaresma were awarded the 2018 WU City of Vienna Best Paper Award.  More

26 July 2018
Wada wins early career award in hydrologic sciences

Yoshihide Wada, IIASA Water Program deputy director, has won the 2018 Hydrologic Sciences Early Career Award for his outstanding work in hydrologic science, presented by the American Geophysical Union.  More

26 June 2018
Pavel Kabat receives Austrian Cross of Honor

IIASA Director General and CEO Professor Dr. Pavel Kabat has been awarded Austria’s highest honor for services to science.  More

15 May 2018
Yillia awarded Outstanding Contribution Award in Water

IIASA guest research scholar Paul Yillia has won the Outstanding Contribution Award for his work in water resources assessment and planning at this year’s African Utility Week Industry Awards in Cape Town, South Africa.  More

27 April 2018
Fifth Mindel Sheps Award to current and former IIASA demographers

Former World Population Program LeaderAndrei Rogers was awarded the 2018 Mindel Sheps Award at the Population Association of America meeting.  More

26 March 2018
Leena Ilmola-Sheppard appointed special advisor in Finland

IIASA researcher Leena Ilmola-Sheppard has been appointed a special advisor to Finland’s Prime Minister’s Office as part of a new initiative to improve the country’s public services.  More

13 February 2018
YSSP 2017 scholarship winners announced

IIASA has announced that three outstanding young scientists from the 2017 Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP) will receive scholarship funding to return to IIASA in 2018.  More

13 February 2018
Hana Mandova receives Peccei Award

Following the YSSP 2017 program, Hana Mandova received a Peccei Award, which will allow her to come back to IIASA for another three months.  More

09 January 2018
Stefan Thurner was awarded Scientist of the Year 2017

The Club of Education and Science Journalists (Klub der Bildungs- und Wissenschaftsjournalisten Österreichs)distinguished IIASA Senior Research Scholar Stefan Thurner for his work on science outreach.  More


30 November 2017
IIASA researchers among most highly cited scientists

IIASA energy and air quality researchers have been recognized again for their outstanding contribution to scientific literature in the field of geosciences.  More

16 October 2017
Yoshihide Wada to receive prestigious prize from the European Geosciences Union

2018 Arne Richter Award for Outstanding Early Career Scientists  More

13 October 2017
Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII) wins Momentum for Change Award

MCII has received the prestigious 2017 Momentum for Charge Award for its work on climate risk insurance in the Caribbean.  More

29 June 2017
Second place for IIASA in think tank rankings

The International Center for Climate Governance has ranked IIASA second place in their annual global listing of top think tanks for climate change economics and policy.  More

20 June 2017
Junguo Liu receives the Society for Ecological Restoration Communication Award

The Society for Ecological Restoration recently announced that the 2017 Communication Award would be presented to Prof. Junguo Liu, a research scholar at IIASA, as well as a professor at the Southern University of Science and Technology, in view of his outstanding contribution to the ecological environment.  More

02 June 2017
IIASA staff set the pace in bike commuting

During the month of May, IIASA staff members rode their bicycles over 15,000 kilometers to and from the office, as part of a national campaign to encourage more sustainable commuting options.  More

08 May 2017
Spatial projections of age-structured populations

IIASA researcher Erich Striessnig receives Fulbright-Botstiber Visiting Professorship at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado to study the sociodemographic characteristics of climate change.  More

07 April 2017
New ERC grant to explore human wellbeing as criterion for sustainable development

IIASA World Population Program Director Wolfgang Lutz has received a new grant from the European Research Council. Lutz is scientific director of the Vienna Institute of Demography (VID) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (OeAW), and professor of applied statistics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU). These institutions are part of the Wittgenstein Center, which Lutz leads.  More

17 March 2017
Innovative IIASA research highlighted by major journal

Five IIASA studies published in Environmental Research Letters in 2016 were selected for the journal’s Highlights of 2016, as especially innovative or groundbreaking work.  More

14 March 2017
IIASA expands international postdoc opportunities

In cooperation with National Member Organizations in Brazil, the Republic of Korea, and Mexico, IIASA welcomes nine early-career scientists to conduct research at the institute.  More

21 February 2017
Award for contribution to the field of disaster risk management

The Risk and Resilience Program is to receive an international award for its long-standing collaborations with the Disaster Prevention Research Institute in organizing annual conferences on integrated disaster risk management.  More

15 February 2017
Young talent prize for Daniela Weber

IIASA researcher Daniela Weber has received the Allianz Young Talent Prize from Deutsche Gesellschaft für Demographie (DGD), the third award honoring her work on the international perspective on aging and cognitive decline.  More

26 January 2017
Dutch Hydrological Society awards Yoshihide Wada Hydrology Prize

Dutch Hydrological Society recognizes IIASA Water Program Deputy Director Yoshihide Wada’s contribution to hydrological sciences  More

09 January 2017
Wolfgang Lutz joins independent group of scientists to draft UN Global Sustainability Development Report

Before leaving office, former Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appointed Wolfgang Lutz to be one of 15 independent scientists to draft a report on sustainable development ahead of a global review set for 2019.  More

04 January 2017
Awards for young scientists

Four exceptional young scientists from the 2016 Young Scientists Summer Program will receive funding to continue their research projects at IIASA in 2017.  More


07 December 2016
WU Stephan-Koren Prize for Daniela Weber

IIASA researcher Daniela Weber has received the Stephan-Koren Prize from the Vienna University of Economics and Business, the second award honoring her dissertation on the international perspective on aging and cognitive decline.  More

29 November 2016
IIASA researchers among most highly cited scientists

IIASA energy and air quality researchers were recognized for their outstanding contribution to the scientific literature in the field of geosciences.  More

21 November 2016
Sergei Scherbov and Wolfgang Lutz receive awards from Chulalongkorn University

For their contribution to research and capacity building at the College of Population Studies, Chulalongkorn University honored Sergei Scherbov and Wolfgang Lutz.  More

15 November 2016
Daniel Huppmann receives INFORMS-ENRE Young Researcher Prize

IIASA Research Scholar Daniel Huppmann was awarded the 2016 Young Researcher Prize by the INFORMS Section on Energy, National Resources and the Environment (ENRE).  More

04 October 2016
Lower Austria Chamber of Labour Science Prize for Daniela Weber

For her dissertation on the international perspective on aging and cognitive decline, IIASA researcher Daniela Weber will receive the Lower Austria Chamber of Labour Science Prize.  More

26 September 2016
IIASA launches citizen science observatory

European citizens will soon be able to directly contribute to the analysis of land use change in Europe and beyond. A new observatory established by IIASA and funded by the EU Horizon 2020 program will combine satellite images with data collected by citizen scientists around Europe.  More

03 September 2016
Wolfgang Lutz receives EAPS Award for Population Studies

For his groundbreaking contributions to the study of population, Wolfgang Lutz received the 2016 Award for Population Studies by the European Association for Population Studies.  More

01 August 2016
Wolfgang Lutz receives highest science award from the City of Vienna

For his scientific contributions Wolfgang Lutz was awarded the 2016 prize for Humanities, Cultural Studies, Social Sciences and Law of the City of Vienna.  More

13 July 2016
Brian Fath is awarded the Prigogine Medal for work on ecological systems

Brian Fath is awarded the 2016 Prigogine Medal. The award ceremony is scheduled on 13 July, 2016 at the University of Alicante (Spain) during the 11th International Conference on Urban Regeneration and Sustainability (The Sustainable City) which runs 12 – 14 July. Brian is also giving an invited talk on "Urbanmetabolismand regenerative economics" during the conference.  More

24 June 2016
IIASA maintains rank among top climate think tanks

The International Center for Climate Governance has again ranked IIASA third place in their global listing of top think tanks for climate change economics and policy.  More

14 June 2016
Joeri Rogelj receives the Piers Sellers Prize

IIASA Research Scholar Joeri Rogelj was awarded the 2016 Piers Sellers Prize for "world leading solution-focused climate research" by the Priestley International Centre for Climate.  More

02 June 2016
Nebojsa Nakicenovic awarded Austrian honor

IIASA Deputy Director General Nebojsa Nakicenovic has been awarded one of the top honors in Austria.  More

04 May 2016
IIASA demographer elected to US National Academy of Sciences

IIASA World Population Program Director Wolfgang Lutz has been elected as a foreign associate of the US National Academy of Sciences.  More

03 May 2016
New grant supports climate innovation research

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded a prestigious Starting Grant to Charlie Wilson, a researcher at IIASA and the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research in the UK.  More

27 April 2016
IIASA project in top 10 for Sallinger Fund prize

The Satellite Technologies for Improved Drought Risk Assessment (SATIDA) project has been voted among the top 10 projects for this year’s Rudolph Sallinger Foundation prize.  More

22 April 2016
2016 Climate Change Center Austria Young Scientists Award goes to IIASA Research Scholar

RISK research Scholar, Thomas Schinko, has received the 2016 Climate Change Center Austria (CCCA) Young Scientists Award for his co-authored paper looking into the operationalization of iterative climate risk management in order to exploit the synergies of climate adaptation and disaster risk management.  More

04 April 2016
Wolfgang Lutz wins Mindel Sheps Award

IIASA World Population Program Director Wolfgang Lutz was awarded the 2016 Mindel Sheps Award at the Population Association of America meeting.  More

04 February 2016
Science communication prize for IIASA researcher

The 2016 Science Book of the Year prize has been awarded to IIASA researcher Karl Sigmund. The prize, awarded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, was given to Sigmund under the natural science and technology category, for his book about the mathematical and philosophical group, the Vienna Circle.  More

18 January 2016
Awards support the next generation of systems analysis researchers

Expanded awards for young scientists will enable a growing number of outstanding researchers to conduct research at IIASA.  More

12 January 2016
IIASA deputy director general named to UN sustainable development advisory group

IIASA Deputy Director General Nebojsa Nakicenovic and other members of the IIASA network will serve on a scientific advisory group to support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.  More

05 January 2016
Simon Levin wins National Medal of Science

Simon Levin, an IIASA distinguished visiting fellow and former council chair, has received the 2015 US National Medal of Science.  More


17 December 2015
Awards for outstanding science from young scientists program

Three scholarships have been awarded to participants of the Southern African Young Scientists Summer Program (SA-YSSP) 2014-15, allowing the recipients to continue their innovative research at IIASA.  More

09 December 2015
IIASA wins science diplomacy award

IIASA has been given an award in recognition of the institute’s excellence in science diplomacy. The award was presented today by the South African Minister of Science and Technology Naledi Pandor, as part of the Science Forum South Africa conference.  More

25 June 2015
IIASA ranked as a top global think tank for third consecutive year

The International Center for Climate Governance has again named IIASA as one of the top think tanks for climate change economics and policy worldwide.  More

16 January 2015
Wolfgang Lutz elected deputy member of the Leopoldina Senate

IIASA World Population Program Director Wolfgang Lutz was elected as deputy member to the Senate of the Leopoldina, the German National Academy of Sciences.  More

09 January 2015
Joeri Rogelj awarded ETH Medal for thesis on climate science

Dr. Joeri Rogelj, a Research Scholar affiliated to IIASA’s Energy Program, has been awarded the highest distinction of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) for his PhD thesis on climate science, entitled “Uncertainties of low greenhouse gas emissions scenarios.”  More

08 January 2015
Fellowship winners extend research at IIASA

Four participants in IIASA’s 2014 Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP) have been awarded fellowships to return to the Institute in 2015 and continue their research.  More


18 December 2014
Young scientists win Ukrainian presidential award

Four young scientists have won an award from the Ukrainian president for their forest and land use research in collaboration with IIASA.  More

25 November 2014
UN climate award goes to IIASA flood resilience program

A collaborative IIASA project on flood resilience has been chosen by theUN’s Momentum for Change initiative as an exemplary Lighthouse Activity in 2014.  More

18 November 2014
IIASA researchers win GEO Appathon

Growers’ Nation, a mobile app developed by IIASA researchers, has won the 2014 Group on Earth Observations (GEO) Appathon, a global app development competition aimed at unleashing the power of Earth Observations.  More

28 October 2014
Former IIASA Council Chair Simon Levin wins Pacioli Award

Former IIASA Council Chair Simon Levin has been awarded the 2014 Pacioli Award from Ca' Foscari University in Italy. The award honors interdisciplinary excellence in science, economics, art, or literature.  More

26 October 2014
Wolfgang Lutz elected TWAS Fellow 2014

IIASA World Population Program Director Wolfgang Lutz has been elected to the World Academy of Sciences.  More

04 July 2014
IIASA ranked as a top global think tank

The International Center for Climate Governance has named IIASA in the top five think tanks for climate change economics and policy worldwide.  More

30 June 2014
Communication prize for IIASA demographer

The Lundbeck Foundation ESOF2014 Communication Prize has been awarded to IIASA World Population Program Director Wolfgang Lutz.  More

16 May 2014
Professor Dr. Jie Wang - IIASA Honorary Scholar

Prof Dr. Jie Wang served as Council member representing the Chinese NMO from the beginning of the Chinese membership in 2002 until 2013.  More

25 April 2014
IIASA Alumnus Eric Wood wins EGU Wegener medal

The European Geophysical Union will award the 2014 Alfred Wegener Medal to Prof. Eric F. Wood for his pioneering contributions to hydrology and to its interactions with meteorology and climate change. From 1 March 1974 to 31 August 1976 Prof. Wood was a Research Scholar, Water Project (WAT) at IIASA.  More

25 March 2014
Simon Levin wins Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement

Former IIASA Council Chair Simon Levin has received the2014 Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement, a prestigious award for research in environmental science.  More

24 March 2014
Environmental Science and Technology best policy paper of 2013

A comparison of the climate impacts of different modes of travel has been named the best policy paper of 2013 by the editors of the journal Environmental Science & Technology (ES&T). The study, conducted by MAG researcher Jens Borken-Kleefeld and colleagues from CICERO - Center for International Climate and Environmental Research - Oslo, was selected from all the policy-related, peer-reviewed papers published in ES&T last year.  More

20 March 2014
A growing role for young scientists at IIASA

Additional opportunities in IIASA’s post-doctoral fellowship program and Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP) will give more young scientists the chance to conduct research at the Institute.  More

31 January 2014
Environmental Research Letters Highlights of 2013

IIASA Energy Program Scientist Shonali Pachauri's article "Pathways to Achieve Universal Household Access to Modern Energy by 2030" has been selected to feature in the collection of research highlights of 2013 by the Environmental Research Letters (ERL).  More


01 October 2013
YSSP participant wins IPCC fellowship

2012 YSSP participant Pheakkdey Nguon has won a fellowship from the IPCC to fund his research on REDD+ in Cambodia. He accepted the award yesterday from Prince Albert II of Monaco.  More

10 June 2013
Poland recognizes Norman Neureiter

IIASA board of trustees chairman Norman Neuriter has been honored by the President of Poland for his achievements in connecting Polish and American science.  More

18 March 2013
Wolfgang Lutz elected to Leopoldina

IIASA World Population Program Leader Wolfgang Lutz has been elected to the Leopoldina- German National Academy of Sciences.  More

15 March 2013
Environmental Science & Technology best science paper of 2012

The journal Environmental Science & Technology has selected a paper co-authored by MAG program leader Markus Amann as its best science paper of 2012.  More

21 February 2013
IIASA Geo-Wiki group wins best paper award

IIASA researchers have won a "Best Paper" award from the journal Remote Sensing, for a study on using crowdsourcing to improve land cover data.  More

05 February 2013
Jose Goldemberg wins Zayed Future Energy Prize

Longtime IIASA friend and supporter and Global Energy Assessment (GEA) Co-President Jose Goldemberg has won the Zayed Future Energy Prize 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award.  More

08 January 2013
Stefan Schreier wins Peccei Award 2012

The Selection Committee for the Peccei Award has completed its review of the 2012 nominations. Congratulations to the winner!  More

08 January 2013
Pin Pin Oh and Karol Opara win Mikhalevich Award 2012

The Selection Committee for the Mikhalevic Award has completed its review of the 2012 nominations. Congratulations to the winners!  More


11 December 2012
Detlof von Winterfeld wins 2012 Distinguished Achievement Award

Prof. Detlof von Winterfeld, former Director of IIASA, receives the 2012 Distinguished Achievement Award from the Society for Risk Analysis  More

26 October 2012
Poster Awards

Posters were one of the scientific highlights of the IIASA Conference, October 24-26, 2012.  More

18 October 2012
Elke Loichinger receives AWARD OF EXCELLENCE 2012 of the BMW_F

For her dissertation: Europe’s future human capital: population projections by age, sex, education, labor force participation and health status, Elke Loichinger was honored by the Austrian government  More

19 June 2012
Marcin Stonawski and colleagues win EAPS Poster Award

The European Association for Population Studies (EAPS) awarded the “Poster Award for the Best Poster Presented at EPC2012” to IIASA’s Marcin Stonawski, Vegard Skirbekk, Michaela Potancokova (and colleagues from Pew Research Center) for their article Religious demography of emerging economies.  More

11 June 2012
Rao receives the 2011 Amulya K.N. Reddy Prize

The International Energy Initiative (IEI) recently awarded IIASA’s Narasimha Rao the 2011 Amulya K.N. Reddy Prize  More

11 April 2012
Stefan Pfenniger awarded NASA-Elsevier prize at Planet Under Pressure

Congratulations to IIASA’s Stefan Pfenniger who received the award for “Best Young Researcher Poster” at the recent Planet Under Pressure Conference in London.  More

29 March 2012
IIASA scientist wins “best paper” competition

IASA systems ecologist Jan Sendzimir’s paper, “Rebuilding Resilience in the Sahel,” recently won the 2011 Ralf Yorque Memorial Competition for “Best Paper” from the Foundation for Scientific Symbiosis.  More

15 February 2012
IIASA mathematician awarded Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences medal

IIASA mathematician Yuri Yermoliev has been awarded the National Academy of Sciences Ukraine medal for outstanding achievements in science capacity building.  More

25 January 2012
IIASA researcher wins Young Scholar’s Competition

Environmental economist Nadejda Komendantova, a research scholar with IIASA’s Risk, Policy and Vulnerability Program, won the Young Scholar’s Competition at the recent meeting of the Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS) in Vienna.  More

12 January 2012
IIASA scientist wins Fulbright Distinguished Chair scholarship

IIASA ecologist Brian Fath has been awarded a prestigious Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Environmental Sciences at Parthenope University, Naples, Italy.  More

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